Drummers’ Studio welcomes Drum Superstar Juan “Carlito” Mendoza

The Drummers’ Studio will host a 4 Day Drum Intensive will world-renown Drummer, Educator, Clinician and Author, Juan “Carlito” Mendoza on June 26th thru 29th, 2016 Join us as we learn an array of concepts from one of the most prolific and forward thinking drummers of our time. Sponsored by Vic Firth, Meinl Cymbals, DW […]

Rock and Afro-Cuban

Rock & Afro-Cuban TDS @ Drummers Collective Day 7 I was rested and ready to jump into what I felt was the class I was least prepared for. Was I going to have a Bluesy Tuesday? Last week I said “suit up and show up, no matter what” and once again, that’s exactly what I […]

Afro Cuban

Afro Cuban   TDS @ Drummers Collective NYC Day 4 Afro Cuban music is an expose’ in exquisite role playing and teamwork. As is true for all Latin percussion styles, you have specific roles for each instrument that require a humble heart and complete focus in order for the GROOVE to lock in. It feels […]