Jazz Camp #1 Huge Success

Hello TDS Jazz Campers, Our Jazz Camp #1A was awesome!   Camp #1B is this Thursday 10am-1pm!! Jason, Kyle, Jonah and Katie soaked in a ton of information and had a drum jam as they traded solos while keeping the Jazz Swing going. Here are some of the key topics. Count Triplets “out loud” while playing […]

Jazz & Brazilian

TDS @ DRUMMERS COLLECTIVE DAY 9 Let’s get right down to the Nitty Gritty. Once upon a time, long, long ago, in other words, from 1897 – 1917 in a place called the “District” deep in New Orleans, the demand for “recreational activities” for sailers on ship leave and tourist in general, was met by […]

Drummers Collective NYC Day 2

TDS @ Drummers Collective NYC Day 2   We started our day with an incredible study of the history of Jazz by our instructor Peter Retzlaff. For every great drummer there’s always a few influences that helped create the drummers that inspire me and in order for me to understand that  person/player, I have to […]