Jazz Camp #1 Huge Success

Hello TDS Jazz Campers,

Our Jazz Camp #1A was awesome!   Camp #1B is this Thursday 10am-1pm!!
Jason, Kyle, Jonah and Katie soaked in a ton of information and had a drum jam as they traded solos while keeping the Jazz Swing going.
Here are some of the key topics.
  1. Count Triplets “out loud” while playing the “Heel-Toe” or “2 & 4” technique with your Left Foot (LF) on the HIHat.
  2. Add Jazz Swing time on your Ride Cymbal.
  3. Add Triplets with your hands (RLR LRL etc) while counting and playing Left Foot (Heel-Toe / 2&4)
  4. Move the triplets around the drums to create solos ideas while keeping the HiHat on 2 & 4 w Heel-Toes technique.
  5. Add “feathered” or very soft quarter notes with your kick drum while playing Jazz Swing Time and soloing.
  6. Count while playing Time, Soloing and Trading 2’s holding back your ideas until your time is solid.
  7. Be creative! Try not to repeat the same solo ideas over and over unless you’re working out specific patterns, than move on

Camp #1A ONLY 
Quick Quiz!! (first person to respond with the most correct answers will receive a very special gift)
  1. What is the difference between a Shuffle and Jazz Swing?
  2. Who was credited with inventing the modern drumset?
  3. What’s the difference between “straight 8th’s and “swinging” 8th’s?
  4. The HiHat has three different names. Can you name the other two?
  5. What parts of the Triplet create “skips”?
  6. What is your video assignment?
  7. Where was the original birthplace of Jazz?
  8. What three Jazz vocabularies did we use to create solo patterns?
  9. What are you supposed to do with the “Triplet Master Chart page and the “Syncopation” page 30?
  10. How do you feel and what did you take away from learning and playing at the Jazz Camp?
Good luck!!