Blue Man, Chinese and Times Square

Blue Man, Chinese & Times Square

TDS @ Drummers Collective NYC Weekend  Report

New York, New York the city of dreams. People have referred to it as The “Concrete Jungle”, “Gotham City”, the “Melting Pot” or most famously, the “Big Apple”.

In the end you have to come down and spend some time in one of THE most interesting places in the world. Constant rhythm in motion, people,people and even way more people. The interesting thing is there’s so many different kinds of people from what seems like all walks of life and every nationality under the sun.

It’s heart-warming to know that so many people from around the world are here in Manhattan. You can listen to so many different languages as you walk in Times Square or along 5TH Ave by Central Park and all over Manhattan for that matter.

On the legendary subway line, the “A-Train”(Duke Ellington tune), we witnessed 3 incredible Break Dancers, doing a very demanding routine full of front and back flips, handstands and the 2 Man Rolling Ball, all while the subway was moving very fast. We also saw 2 Muscle Men on a street corner working out like they were in the gym and drew a large crowd of on lookers (women,lol).

The video on this blog is of a very talented gentleman hustling up money by playing a plethora of household items while keeping a mean snare backbeat, kick drum-ish parts and several percussion voices all on pots & pans. He even had an upside down Zildjian cymbal (“The only serious choice”) and threw in not one, but two bathroom sinks, INCREDIBLE. But wait, if all that wasn’t enough, he was singing James Brown style.

Blue Man Group was the main attraction on Saturday and they did not disappoint. This was the original cast and original location. They were flawless, funny, artistic, intellectual and interactive at the same time. Everything turned into a percussive event, from the synchronized chewing of Captain Crunch cereal to pitch-tuned plumber’s pipes and the informative and thought provoking  neon narration. We certainly got our moneys worth even if we jumped on the wrong subway and ended up walking what seemed a trillion miles. The good news is, we wanted to go to Chinatown to eat and shop and weren’t that far away.

Chinatown and Little Italy are just across from each other and have an extremely wide array of authentic foods, clothes and souvenirs. We saw so many different types of fruits and of course, I had to help myself to several. We had the rare opportunity to eat some “Dragon Beard Candy” and Jeremy stocked up on all sorts of Chinese goodies. We than went to a serious Chinese restaurant and ate like starving Shaolin Monks and had what seemed like everything on the menu and every bite was delicious. If you every get over to Chinatown, you have to treat yourself to some “Bubble Tea”. What a pleasant surprise.

Times Square was our final stop and everyone and their uncle was on the street times 2. We waltzed into, of all places, Toy’s R Us and ended up being a kid again and rode the ferris wheel that’s in the middle of the store (google it). It’s always a good thing to reconnect with that inner child.

Out the door walking and window shopping amongst  thousands of fellow tourist and the homing device goes off. JUNIORS WORLD FAMOUS CHEESECAKE and of course, we had to answer the bell that keep ringing in my head. So after the Pastrami sandwich, Shortcake cheesecake, coffee and a bucket of milk, we were off again and as we were walking we came upon two very fit and tall guys who looked like they should be on some football team and what are you doing on the street corner type vibe. These guys took over a corner by doing a series of exercises with bungy cords around the light post, showing off their well chiseled and oiled bodies. The women went nuts and were taking tons of pictures. I made a commitment to get out there with a couple of my buddies and show’em how REAL MEN  or AVERAGE JOE’s do push ups and we’ll see who gets the most money and applause, OKKKK!! (too funny).

Drums and Percussion have a way of bringing out the tribal essence in us all and it was evident when the Street Drummer, the drumming version of the Sidewalk Piped Piper, lit up Times Square with his improvised rhythmic assault of his original tune called “ Put da Money n da Bucket”. It’s destined to be a viral sensation. This kat had everything from the kitchen except the kitchen sink and in it’s place had not one, but two bathroom sinks. He weaved a funky groove around so many pots and pans all while singing “Put da Money n da Bucket”. It was truly a PRICELESS sight to see.

It really encouraged me to rethink what I think is possible and at the same time, reconfirm my extreme gratitude for what I have, where I live and even more importantly, who I live with, Thank you Jason, Jeremy, my Honey, Karen.

Another great day!!