Drum Camp with Juan “Carlito” Mendoza Recap

On June 30th, 2016, the Drummers’ Studio rapped up another incredible 4 day drum camp with cutting edge performer, instructor, educator and author, Juan ‘Carlito” Mendoza. Carlito covered a wide variety of topics in preparation for his International Clinic/Camp tour. He will be visiting Our students were very fortunate to be the first to work through the material.

From hand development exercises such as Irish Spring and the Fivelet Accented Gird, to chart reading skills, chart interpretation concepts, Linear ideas, groove locking and plan old drum fun, Carlito brought so many fresh ideas and shared each of them with enthusiasm, energy and patience.

The Drummers’ Studio would like to thank “Carlito’s” sponsors, Remo , Meinl, DWdrums, Vic Firth for their support.

TDS looks forward to having another exciting drum camp with Carlito in the near future. Stay tuned.

Check out this video featuring Corey and Bobby working through some chart interpretation ideas from the book “Working the Inner Clock” by Phil Maturano “ANDTHROPOLOGY”

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