Jazz Camp #1 Huge Success

Hello TDS Jazz Campers, Our Jazz Camp #1A was awesome!   Camp #1B is this Thursday 10am-1pm!! Jason, Kyle, Jonah and Katie soaked in a ton of information and had a drum jam as they traded solos while keeping the Jazz Swing going. Here are some of the key topics. Count Triplets “out loud” while playing […]

Reading and Technique

TDS @ Drummers Collective NYC Day 1 I’m very excited to announce that I have completed the first day of a 2 week intensive drum camp at the prestigious Drummers’ Collective in Manhattan right on the “Ave of the Stars”. Today we had to do individual assessments and were placed in groups according to reading […]

Jazz & Brazilian

Jazz is America’s true original art form. It’s earliest roots and history can be traced back to New Orleans.

Take a trip as we explore Jazz and it’s many faces.


TDS @ DRUMMERS COLLECTIVE DAY 9 Let’s get right down to the Nitty Gritty. Once upon a time, long, long ago, in other words, from 1897 – 1917 in a place called the “District” deep in New Orleans, the demand for “recreational activities” for sailers on ship leave and tourist in general, was met by […]